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LTX 3085

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The LTX 3085 is designed to maximize distance and optimize control. Its 3-piece, premium urethane cover construction delivers a soft feel off the clubface while providing penetrating ball flights. 350 dimple count is designed for piercing stability even at the highest swing speeds. Align at ease with BOLD TRACK Technology™ offering effortless precision for improved visual feedback.

Legato Golf Legato Golf

Tour level performance.

Outstanding data driven spec.

Designed to drive the course.

On a par with major brands for both carry and total distance.

Optimal spin and control.

Short game tests have shown the favorable spin and control.

See what's special.

Engineered for peak performance.

Effortless precision.

Bold Track™ Technology provides a simple solution for optimal visual alignment with every putt on the green.

Soft feel 3-piece ball.

85 compression core covered by premium urethane enhances the feel and high spin rates for golfers of all skill levels.

Legato Golf Legato Golf
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